More than 15 years of experience behind us

    We started operations in 2007

    We are leaders in the logistics sector, with more than 15 years of experience in international freight transport. We have a wide network of International Agents and a global, efficient, and reliable coverage system that allows us to provide the best service with the best times in the market.



    1. General cargo

    All types of cargo that require individualized packaging can be transported in small quantities or separate units.

    2. Bulk Cargo

    It is the cargo that is counted not by units, but by volume and mass, without the need for packing or packaging, namely, the same means of transport works as a container.

    3. Perishable cargo

    Products that can easily deteriorate over time or when exposed to inadequate temperature conditions, such as fresh food. This implies the need to complete the logistics process in a specific period and storage conditions that facilitate stock rotation.

    4. Project Cargo

    These are cargos that require special analysis and handling because their dimensions and weight exceed even the size of transport vehicles.

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